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Dear Customer,

Our first priority is the health and safety of our customers and employees.

Accordingly Gouge Linen and Garment Services (“Gouge”) has implemented its response plan to manage any impacts of Covid-19. This plan covers key elements including the handling of linen, processing of linen and management of the Gouge team to assist in maintaining supply of your linen.

The response plan includes regular liaison/monitoring of relevant Federal and State government departments, World Health Organisation (WHO), the LAA (Australian Laundry Association), TRSA (American Laundry Association) and CINET (European bodies). Our response plan is adjusted as information regarding the coronavirus (Covid-19) is received.

Customer Handling of Infected Linen In the event of potentially infected or infected linen we require you to:
• Immediately notify Customer Service on 03 5825 1243 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any confirmed cases of coronavirus COVID 19. (This email address will receive emails on the weekend as well).
• Place the infected linen in bags which are tightened and kept in a separate trolley
• Cover the trolley in a plastic cover (that we deliver the clean linen in)
• Apply masking tape across the 4 sides of the cage and write ‘CORONA’ in large thick black letters on the masking tape using a black marker pen.
• Keep this trolley separate to all the other dirty linen and inform our driver of location of Corona (Covid-19) trolley.
• If you do not see the driver – please call 03 5825 1243 and speak with the customer service team and advise us immediately so we can contact the driver.
• If you require extra trolley covers or plastic bags due to an outbreak, please contact our customer service department and we will arrange this for immediately.

Our drivers have the necessary personal protective equipment (“PPE”) to handle linen. 
Processing of Potentially Infected Linen 
The Australia and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 4146:2000 sets out the standards to achieve linen disinfection. Gouge’s wash programs meet the requirement of this standard for thermal and/or chemical disinfection of linen. Essentially, we treat any piece of linen as being potentially infectious. Gouge’s adherence to the Standard is supported by our chemical supplier.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the Standard, Gouge has implemented further measures to minimize or mitigate any potential impacts of coronavirus including: • Continuance of our chemical disinfection of trolleys and testing of this process • Reinforcing the use of PPE including provision of additional PPE • Reinforcing good hygiene habits of staff – particularly hand hygiene • Ensuring staff notify Gouge of any travel or contact with people who have travelled • Requiring staff who are unwell with flu-like symptoms to stay at home and receive appropriate medical treatment • Increasing the frequency of cleaning programs across our sites • Ensuring IT capability for staff to work remotely if required • Contingency plans for plant operations to maintain supply of linen.

Further Questions:
Should you require any further information or would like to discuss your specific circumstances please do not hesitate to our customer service team on 58251243.

Kind regards
Chrissy Macfarlane
Sales & Marketing Manager
Gouge Linen & Garment Services  
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